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December 11, 2017

Jim Miller has been helping at Hopewell's Theraputic Farm assisting the mentally ill through music with their Musical Journey Group. Jim and Bob Weirich lead the group by using music therapy to help adults deal with mental illness. Music has been shown to be healing and to enhance brain function, hand-eye coordination and help in maintaining focus. Based on the belief that music is a powerful therapeutic tool that helps in recovery, the program allows the residents to reconnect with their emotions and express themselves through creative means. 

Results of the program have been excellent. Residents report increased selfawareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Their socialization skills have improved through group collaboration. Jim stated, “We talk about different things when we get together to play. Music is a healing process.”

August 02, 2017

“What started out as an idea for a small benefit concert to support watershed restoration work turned into something so much more through the generosity and enthusiasm of everyone involved,”

Dead Covers Project Submission

February 01, 2016

Every year does the Dead Covers Project where they have bands submit covers of Grateful Dead songs. This year we decided to submit us doing "Shakedown Street" Check out the video and give us a like so we can get featured on!

November 07, 2015

“Work is stressful. It’s what you do all day. But when you look at the time, and realize we get to play some rock ‘n’ roll, it helps get you through the day,”..."So they recruited Jim Miller, an accomplished Cleveland musician who currently fronts JiMiller Band, teaches music privately and directs the rock band at Hawken Lower School. He became Standard Wang’s music coach about two years ago and helps members hone their pipes, learn their chords and play the rhythms all while assisting them with working the gig circuit."

Jim Miller Resolution of Recognition from The City of Cleveland

May 16, 2015

This past Saturday at Hessler Street Fair, we were honored that Kent N Angelica presented The JiMiller Band with a Resolution of Recognition from the City of Cleveland - Cleveland City Hall!

"The Cleveland City Council takes great pride and pleasure in recognizing the JiMiller Band...The Council applauds legendary rock n'roll guitarist, singer, teacher, recording artist and band leader, Jim Miller, for keeping jam band music alive in Cleveland for the past 40 years and extends best wishes to him for much continued success in the future" 


December 26, 2014

The JiMiller Band’s Jim Miller will celebrate 40 years of playing music on the local scene with a special concert. Miller, co-founder of the jam band Oroboros, and founder of the JiMiller Band has been an integral part in keeping the jam music scene alive and well in Cleveland for the past 40 years

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