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Meet the Band

The JiMiller Band is a five member band out of Cleveland, Ohio. The band is led by Jim's resonating vocals and jazz-infused lead guitar, Dave Blackerby plays the bass, Steve "Nev" Scheff on keyboards and Brian "Bagel" Golenberg on drums, with the newest member Vince Berry on guitar.

The JiMiller Band's style is as varied as their influences; JiMiller blends together blues, country, Cajun, rock 'n' roll, jazz and bluegrass into a musical Americana that is both fresh and timeless in their everlasting sets. However, the band is best known for its freeform improvisation rock that was made famous by The Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers. 

Jim Miller

Jim Miller has been playing music for the past 40 years. Jim was the former frontman of the band Oroboros, orchestrating their 18-year odyssey on the road, opening for the 1994 H.O.R.D.E. Festival, the 1996 Further Festival, The Kinks, Hot Tuna, Santana, Richard Thompson, Robert Hunter and members of the Grateful Dead. He has also had the privilege of sharing the stage and jamming with Blues Traveler, Sheryl Crow, The Allman Brothers, Hot Tuna and the legendary John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service. In 1994 Jim opened for Phish at the Agora. 


Jim has also been teaching guitar for the past 45 years. He also teaches vocals, bass and group ensemble. For more information or to sign up for lessons contact Jim at  jimiller@ 


Drums Brian Golenberg


Brian "Bagel" Golenberg

Bass Dave Blackerby


Dave Blackerby

the jimiller band cleveland ohio jamband
Jim Miller The JiMiller Band guitar lessons.jpg
Keys Steve Scheff


Steve Scheff

Guitar Vince Berry


Vince Berry

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